Our Guitar Instructor
Jim Greer

Years in music: 30
Background: Teaching (30,000+ private lessons!),Performing, Studio work, Touring

Jim has played guitar since the age of 14, when he began studying guitar at the prestigious Music West Studios.  A quarter of a century later, he has performed in Asia, South America, Mexico, throughout the USA, at Mile High Stadium,for President Geroge W. Bush just to name a few.  He has taught hundreds and hundreds of people, both young and old, how to play guitar.  Jim teaches all levels of electric and acoustic guitar, from the beginning to advance student.  His passion is teaching beginners.

For ten years he performed with Narrow Gauge, a well known Mid-west country-rock band.  They perform throughout Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska and will travel just about anywhere.    Along the way Jim performed for President George W. Bush, Larry Gatling, the owner of Columbus Blue Jackets a National Hockey League team, performed on some very large stages, and even opened for his favorite guitarist, the legendary Dwight Yoakam's Pete Anderson.   Today, he teaches guitar full-time to 50-60 students each week and travels with the band.

Jim and his wife have home-schooled two children (so he is a pretty good teacher!) Jim is great with kids as well as adults and can teach to any learning style.  "Home-schooling my son and daughter, from elementary through High School, has definitely helped me hone my teaching skills.  I can teach the same lesson 8 different ways, so that any learning style can understand."  My entire adult life has been spent teaching others, and I simply love it!"

Jim’s highlights:

•Over 30 years playing and teaching experience 
•Guitar Teaching full-time since 2000
​•Laney Amplification endorsee
•Hamer USA Guitar endorsee
•Travels nationally (Narrow Gauge)
•Performed for President George W. Bush

Jim performs with Hamer USA guitars and Laney Lionheart Amplifiers

Jim Greer, on stage with Narrow Gauge
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