Guitar Lesson Rates

We have several lesson programs to choose from.  
Pick the best one for your budget and goals:

Our Most Popluar Gold Level Package


Our Gold program consists of a private, weekly lesson and costs $90 per MONTH for four weekly 30 minute lessons.  That is $22.50 per week.  This is our most popular program  and the one we recommend for beginners. It produces the best and quickest results.

Silver Level


Our Silver level lessons consists of one private lesson every other week (two per month) and costs $25 for each 30 minute lesson.  This is a great option for busy people who don't have time for a weekly lesson.  Limited slots available.

Platinum Level Lessons


Our Platinum level lessons are designed for the intermediate and advanced student who wants to take a weekly one hour lesson.  We do NOT recommend this option for beginning students!  Lessons are $40 per one hour lesson ($160 per month)

Beginning Guitar Lessons Colorado Springs
"We would like to give our complete endorsement of Mr. Greer as a miracle worker.  When our 9-year old son started taking guitar lessons, we weren't sure exactly how it was going to turn out.  But with encouragement from Mr. Greer, he started to blossom very quickly.  

Our son is very shy and quiet but through Mr. Greer's dedication, patience, and outstanding mentorship, we are seeing a whole new side to our son.  He is now asking for more challenging songs to learn, and Mr. Greer has a way of teaching them so that they are easily picked up.  He has motivated our son to perform in two talent shows in front of an audience of more than 200 people.  He now feels great about himself and is showing real promise as a young musician.  We couldn't be happier."
  Melissa and Jerry